Court McGee

Court McGee

Court "The Crusher" McGee
5’ 11” 185 lbs • Born - Ogden, Utah • 12/12/1984
Team - Throwdown ETC • MMA Record - 11 wins 1 defeat
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Watch for Court McGee on "the Ultimate Fighter" Season 11 as he works to try and get into the UFC!

Only 26 years of age; Court already has a tremendous story. He learned hard work and discipline working on the family farm as a young boy. He’s been an athlete his whole life and was successful in all of his endeavors growing up, garnering multiple championships in both Karate and Wrestling. In college, Court sustained two serious injuries that required extensive surgery. The resulting pain and recovery left him, like many athletes, addicted to medications and drugs. During this time Court almost lost his life due to an overdose that stopped his heart for four full minutes. Court is not wasting his ‘second chance’. After a period of extensive treatment and self reflection Court has emerged with a true desire to fulfill all of his potential.

He has a passion for the martial arts, the fight game and for teaching. Court competes wherever he can in any discipline. In one month’s time, he recently won Gold in the Champions Challenge Grappling tournament, a professional boxing match and a professional MMA fight.

When Court is not training, he is teaching. Anyone and everyone are welcome to come and work with him. Court gives everyone his full attention. Court’s only loss was a decision to Jeremy Horn when Court was barely 20 years old. Court has the talent, dedication and desire necessary to become a champion in Mixed Martial Arts at the highest level.


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